Prostate Health

Natural Prostate Treatment Options

Even if you are not diagnosed with prostate cancer, you still may run into some uncomfortable physical ailments associated with Benign Prostate Hypertrophy. Instead of using hormonal or alpha blockers, many men choose to adopt a natural approach to avoiding some of the rather unpleasant side effects of prescription drug therapy.

The two prescription drugs -- terazosin (Hytrin) and inasteride (Proscar) -- are very profitable for drug companies because they are the only two drugs that are approved by the FDA that actually prevent prostatic proliferation (the growth of new prostate cells that cause BPH in males over the age of 50).

Before you begin an exploration of natural prostate cancer treatment options, you must understand that there is no substitute for a licensed physician's recommendation. The options presented on this website should only be considered after consulting with your doctor about them, whether they be medical or homeopathic treatment options.

There are 7 popular natural therapy options. These options are reflexology, ayurveda, imagery, food therapy, hydrotherapy, vitamin/mineral therapy and yoga.


Even though the benefits are not yet conclusively proven, if you have prostate cancer or feel you are at risk of developing the disease, addding soy based products to your diet will very likely improve your health since they are so rich in isoflavones. Although the benefit of isflavones has not been fully established, the general benefits you can gain from them are undoubtedly beneficial to overall health.